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PLEASE consider adding this extra criteria option for Related Tracks.

Hi there,

I use Rekordbox to organize all of my music library for live shows and would love to continue doing so. It would be absolutely game changing if you guys could implement a Related Track criteria option that works similarly to the "History" with the "x track(s) before & after the track" function but for tracks that appear before and after the selected track inside of your playlists.


I select a song and the related tracks that are suggested to me are only ones that have appeared 1 track before or after it inside of the playlists I have created from past shows.

The reason this is superior to the "HIstory" criteria option is because like many artists, I only DJ on CDJ's and use Rekordbox to organize and sort my playlists for shows. Thus, most of the sets I painstakingly create are not recorded in my Histories, as they are not actually played through the Rekordbox program.

It would be amazing to see what tracks I previously mixed a song with appear in the related box! 

Thanks for reading and your great products.

- David // SLAVE

David Timko

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