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Key problems

I have a bunch of tracks analysed by Mixed In Key, it displays their key number in the comments section in rekordbox - e.g 11A

Since Rekordbox 5.6.0 i turned 'key - alphanumeric' On 

Now it has the key number in the Key section (Great) and in the comments section - The problem is they are nearly all different. 

Is Rekordbox and mixed in key analysing them differently? Who should we trust because surely only one of them can be right?

E.g Song A - 'Come Home' - Key = 3A / Comments = 5A


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Different algorithms will detect the key with different levels of accuracy. In my testing, I've found MiK and rekordbox to be fairly accurate (and similar), but your mileage may vary depending on the song. I know I've found some where the detected key was wrong with both software and my keying it by ear was correct.

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