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Bug Report: Beta 2 Windows 10 Track Analysis Problem


So I've been analysing tracks since the release and trying to figure out how it works and I've come across a significant bug.

The Genre Playlists are a simple way to import large numbers of tracks to your collection. Initially it only allowed 2000 per playlist but now it seems to have increased to 3000, Ok, whatever. 

I began by importing all tracks from a number of genre playlists to analyse en mass as it were. Analysis of 10k tracks is long, so I left it overnight and when I got up in the morning, most of the tracks were still to analyse and RB was doing nothing. A crash I thought, no worries, restarted RB and analysis and some began to work, so I went to work myself. Came back, same thing again.

Next I started to investigate individual genres as a means of testing if it's RB or the tracks or something else obvious; with each new genre it would begin as normal and at some point it would stop.

So I began to delete tracks from the collection. from top to bottom sorted by analysis status. eventually I began to get 1 track to start; this track would be the exact number of threads of procs I have -1, for the 1 that had started, down the list from the 1st in that genre. So deleting those in-between I got the multi-threaded analysis of 8 tracks again.

Also If you try to load these tracks to a deck you obviously get the Track Loading Error.

So, I'm left questioning what can it be.

I conclude either that these are tracks not included in the BPLink subscription (as Beatport do not give their entire library just most of it), yet they are in the list you are accessing to make them in RB.

Or they are broken links within the RB beta code that has prevented BP from delivering the files.

Either way they should not be in the lists or they should work.

I have some screenshots below that show a single track in the list being removed.

I will also screenshot each playlists removed tracks and add them to this thread when they are complete. I will try to do this for as many lists as possible b4 the next beta release.

Good Luck


Working Analysis:

Single Track Broken(note only 7 tracks analysing now):

Remove from collection:

Analysis of 8 threads returns:


Multiple tracks fail:


Return to 8 Threads after removing from RB collection:


Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller

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Deep House (more than 1 page here, so 2 screenshots):


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