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Does the sound get better connecting controller onto a mixer?

Hi Pioneer community!

Not sure if I posted in the right category since it’s a combination of many things.

I’m lost in the djungle of mixers, controllers and speakers. I hope someone will be able to understand me! Here it goes…

I got my hands on my first mixer (Phonic MU 1002) hooked up to a pair of Berhinger 82031A monitors (TRS connected to the Main and a 2-1 TRS connecting into my laptop headphone jack). The sound was great and I was satisfied for a long time with the EQ’s on the Phonic mixer. I was able to play at home parties with them, but my mixing skills were very limited due to me being slow on always turning to the laptop and try using the loops, hot cues etc.

To get more creative I decided to try out djing with a controller, so I purchased a Pioneer DDJ SB2 controller. I was not happy with the SB2. The free Serato software was not something I liked and I felt that the sound quality when using the controller was not the same.

I changed my controller to Pioneer DDJ-400 and was really happy with the software. However, when comparing with the Phonics mixer I did not get the same rich EQ and Bass sound coming out from the speakers.

I don’t have access to the Behringer speakers and Phonic mixer anymore, but I still have my DDJ-400, which I’m very happy with.

Now I’m planning on buying a pair of Yamaha HS7 speakers and I believe that the sound quality will still not be the same when plugging them into the controller and controller into the laptop.

So my question is: can I connect my Pioneer DDJ-400 onto a mixer and still be able to unlock Rekordbox to get the rich sound provided from the mixer? If so, what mixer do you suggest or would any mixer similar to the Phonics mixer be able to do the trick?

I hope someone will understand me and thank you in advance!

– Shoonas



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Any "richness" is probably due to the mixer "coloring" the sound, but that would be a preference entirely up to your ears as to whether it made things better or not.

You could go straight from my controller to the speakers for simplicity. Personally, I use a DBX DriveRack PA+ to do crossover, compressor/limiter, and EQing for my speakers.

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