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Hi, please advise on where i'm going wrong with RB DVS. My system setup is as follows:

Pioneer DJM2000 Mixer

Pioneer CDJ2000 MK1 - 2 pieces

Laptop with 3 x USB cables - 1 to the mixer and 1 each to the decks

Rekordbox Ver. 5.6.0


I connected the USB cables, started up RB and set it to Performance Mode. In control mode, the Decks have been set as Deck 1 (connected to CH2 of mixer) & Deck 2 (connected to CH3 of Mixer). Input selector has been set as USB 3/4 for DEck 1 and USB 5/6 for Deck 2. When I go to the DVS calibration and select the Start Auto , I do not see the green circles in the window and the software returns a "Failed!' error, no matter which decks is been selected. 

Your assistance will be appreciated !!!



Anil Jugmahan

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To be perfectly blunt, there is no difference - the HID is more responsive in that the software doesn't have to interpret the audio signal, it just "happens." Give HID a try, you get so many more features available that way, including looping, hot cues, browsing on the CDJ itself, etc.

And the reason DVS isn't working for you is the DJM-2000 doesn't support DVS input (it only has one input, or zero, depending on the configuration).

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Can you tell me why you're using DVS when the CDJ-2000's have the capacity to use HID mode, providing more accurate and expansive control of rekordbox?

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Thanks for the reply. The reason I am attempting to use DVS is for scratching...I am not getting the correct feel using it in standard vinyl mode.

I was under the impression that running on DVS will provide a smoother scratch experience than just a standard vinyl mode
...am I missing the point of DVS?

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