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Why cues, loops etc can disappear from your DJ software aka filepaths matter aka how to use iTunes with Rekordbox


Cues, loops and analysis data can get lost in DJ software. This problem is often discussed in the various DJ related fora and FaceBook pages. Often iTunes is blamed, which is totally undeserved.

The real reason for the loss is the way DJ software links tracks to its proprietary DJ metadata. This link is the file path to the track's media. When the file path changes the problems begin.

Some DJ software has more problems with this than others. For instance Rekordbox and Engine Prime will lose all proprietary DJ metadata, while Serato only loses its analysis data and the track crate entries. Traktor and VDJ each have their own issues when the filepath changes.

The only outlier here is (again) Algoriddim's djay which uses another way to link its proprietary data to the track's media file. Which can be disrupted easily as well.

In this video I explain why the file path to the track's media file is so important.

I also show how to avoid losing your DJ metadata.

And finally I dive into how iTunes and Mixed in Key can create a chaos in your carefully curated track collection if used carelessly.

In the video I demonstrate the phenomena on MacOS. However the methodology at work is 100% identical on Windows and other computer operating systems.

Full disclosure using Rekordbox, iTunes and Mixed in Key together has my full endorsement. I just (ab)use these apps to demonstrate what can go wrong and how to avoid it.



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