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Crash Report Beta 2, Windows, BeatportLink & NXS2 setup

I have experienced 2 crashes, 2 out of 3 times I've tried to mix since trying to use solely Beatport tracks. Both have occurred very quickly. Both with a playlist I created myself on Beatport with tracks that have not appeared in your curated lists. The 1st time I played for an hour with no problems from tracks served by RB.

My setup is Microsoft SurfaceBook 2 15", USB to DJM900NXS2, CAT5 Network through Netgear Switching Hub connecting computer and 2 CDJ2000NXS2's and the DJM together. All running the latest firmwares and drivers, latest Windows update etc.

I don't have video or audio (as u've disabled recording with streamed tracks) of the event but I have 1 of the state of RB and the decks after for both.

The 1st time it was loading track 3 of the mix I was doing. The 2nd Was I think loading track 5 or 6.

Also on the 2nd time every other track load would glitch the master out audio with (a) sharp beep(s). Certainly not road worthy in this state, particularly as my setup's what you'd find in a club.

Here's the videos:

3rd track loaded:



5th track loaded:



And when I close RB it says decks playing are u sure?

After which comp & decks look like this:


Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller

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Hi Hiroyuki,


All done, I've just copy pasted the post here into the inquiry. 

Request #128978




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