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Rekordbox copy my tag to comments - questions

Hi Guys,

I have some questions about copying my tag to comments.

At the moment I have my music library on my internal drive + separte hard drive and secondary I have an exported copy on a external SSD drive which I use for connecting to my CDJ's.

When I select copy my tag to comments from the preferences menu I can see that in my primary library this works but not to the files which are on the external secondary library on my external SSD.

Is there a way to solve this?

Am I correct that when I have copied my tag to comments I can also use the search function in Rekordbox and probably also on my Nexus-2 players to search for the tags (originally from my tag, now in comments) due to the fact that search also works for text in the comments tag?

I know about the filter search possibilities for my tag, but sometimes it is easier / quicker to just type in a certain keyword used in the tags, like "must play" etc.

Your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,




John Koster

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