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Public beta version of rekordbox 5.6.1 Beta4 released on AUG 8

Thank you very much for joining rekordbox BETA testing! Please read the following and agree to the contents before running BETA.

  • Backup your tracks and database before using BETA.

         Select [File] > [Library] > [Backup Library] in the menu bar.

  • Stable performance is not guaranteed in this BETA testing. DO NOT use in public places such as clubs.
  • We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any losses or damages including data loss. 

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links :

 Public beta v5.6.1 Beta4


 Windows 64

Summary of new features :


  • Supported streaming service of Beatport / SoundCloud.

          * Beatport's offline feature is now available on Windows as well.

               To use those services you have to subscribe

               Beatport LINK / SoundCloud Go+. 

               Please visit the web sites below.

               Beatport LINK


               SoundCloud Go+




  •  Make sure your computer is connect to the Internet.
  • There are Beatport / SoundCloud trees in the tree view of rekordbox. (You can show / hide those trees in [Preferences] > [View] > [Layout] > [TreeView].)
  • Click the Log in button in the tree. Enter your account on the login page displayed on the browser.
  • Now you should be able to browse tracks in the service.
         *The following restrictions apply when using tracks from a streaming service.
          ・EXPORT mode
                Tracks cannot be used.  
          ・PERFORMANCE mode
            The recording function cannot be used.
            The capture function cannot be used.
            Tracks cannot be loaded to the sampler deck.
            Tracks cannot be added to playlists.
                  Editing track information.
                  Reflecting played tracks to [Histories].
                  Using the backup function.



  • Performance Pad mapping when the XDJ-RX2 is connected.
  • Track information in HID control mode when a CDJ-400/350/850 is connected.
  • Autocomplete feature for Artist/Album in the track information window.
  • The Data Added column is shown in the order of date imported.
  • Lag when browsing.
  • Video window is now labeled "rekordbox video" so that you can distinguish the video window from the main window.
  • Message appears when uninstalling rekordbox fails.



  • Jog Display of the DDJ-1000/800 was cleared when rekordbox switched from PERFORMANCE mode to EXPORT mode.
  • Certain models of third party MIDI controllers were not recognized.
  • Sometimes the wrong line would be selected in the Track List or tree view
  • Sometimes drag and drop became impossible while displaying the split screen.
  • Some MP3 files were shorter than their actual length.
  • Some ALAC files could not be played.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.



     In this version you can still use a function to share track analysis data using our server.(If there is track analysis data for the same track on our server, track analysis time is expected to be shorten by downloading it. When you analyze tracks on this version of rekordbox, trackanalysis data is uploaded to our sever and shared with other users. The more tracks you analyze, the more users can experience faster track analysis. We are planning to include this feature in the subscription plan in the future.)


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