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Adjusting tracks on CDJ

I try to prep all my tracks to the best of my ability in rekordbox.

Sometimes, while DJing I realize I want to set a new memory cue or adjust the grid, which can both easily be done on the fly on the CDJs.

My question is:

After the gig, when I return to rekordbox and plug in my stick, will my new cues / grid adjustments overwrite the originals in rekordbox automatically? 


Will rekordbox revert my track's original settings when I sync my stick the next time?

I've tried to check in the past but my library is so big it's hard to remember which track I needed to change on the fly.


Johnny Mabie

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Right-click on the USB drive, and select "Update collection" - that data will be copied into rekordbox to overwrite what's there and update the grids, ratings, hot cues, etc.

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