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Smart Playlist - How to sort specific genre of one specify playlist?

Frinds, here is the problem: 


In my right hand i have One playlist called "Chill Techno"

And in my left hand I have another playlist called "Acid Techno"

Inside those playlists I have THE SAME GENRE called "Pressure"

Important: The energy level of the genre "Pressure" in the Chill techno playlist are completely different of the musics on the Acid Techno playlist.

The problem: I want to make a smart playlist by calling all the songs in the genre "Pressure" BUT ONLY from the Chill Techno playlist. If I try to create the smart playlist like this, it calls ALL MUSIC, from all playlists that contain "Pressure". How to call a genre of only a specific playlist?

Thank you very much!!!

Noah Gabriel

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Sadly the Rekordbox intelligent playlists are quite limited, you cannot for example set a "in playlist" condition. Me and other people have asked for, and been promised, improvements to their functionality since 2015 but well, nothing has happened.

However there are ways around the limitations, this is how I suggest you solve your problem. Use a field that is never, or hardly ever, used, in my case "composer" and use it as a variable. Use that to set your energy level, it could be as easy as  "0" for Chill Techno and "1" for acid techno or something more elaborate to make it possible for more creative sorting. Now you make an intelligent playlist with the genre "Pressure" and composer "0" for Chill Techno.

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Hi Henrik!

It is really sad and preoccupying that Pioneer don't had implemented that function!

I think, it's something very very simple to implement, and helps a lot in a sense to make creative mixing/sorting when you have a ton of music and need to be quickly by searching for a new "taste"

Well... Wake up pioneer!

Thanks for your explanation. I'm organizing my playlist right now, using your instructions. 

Cheers from Brazil

Noah Gabriel 0 votes
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Effectively, I don't understand why Pioneer don't had implemented the function to filter the Smart Playlist with others Playlists (like iTunes).

Without this, we must manualy maintain additional playlists (with erros or oversight) or implement complicated tags.

It's not smart and user friendly. 


It does not seem to be complicated to implement.

I hope that Pioneer take this need. 

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