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TORAIZ SQUID + Animoog on iPad is a No-Go

Hello Everyone,

I connected a brand new Pioneer TORAIZ SQUID (latest firmware version 1.12) to an iPad (iOS version 12.11) which had the animoog app (latest version 2.4.14) on it via a USB-B to lightning bolt cable.
In the animoog app I go to Setup but under the MIDI in list I do not see the SQUID as an input source.
- The SQUID works when connecting to other synths (e.g. Logic Pro X ES2 synth)
- The animoog app recognises my X-key MIDI keyboard just fine
- The lightning bolt cable works in a different set up
- I heard (on this forum too) that other iPad synths work with the SQUID.
So it seems that each component does what it should but for some reason this specific set up doesn't work. 
Does anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong?
Many thanks for your input....
Zig Zag

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This is correct, thank you for answering this, Midnight Music Club.  Please let us know if you got it working, Zig Zag.

Rhythm Droid
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You need a midi interface for your iPad. iRig MIDI or iPad Camera Connection kit, etc will allow you to use the lightning bolt port as a USB/Midi port.

Midnight Music Club 1 vote
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Thank you Midnight Music Club. Indeed the iPad Camera Connection Kit sorted the issue. I am now connecting 15 outputs from the SQUID to the SP16 via DIN MIDI and one output to the iPad via USB MIDI (and the camera connection kit) to Animoog. It works like a charm.


p.s. sorry for the late response & many thanks again!

Zig Zag 0 votes
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