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Move Hot Cue to a different bank or reorder

Hi, I've been using Rekordbox for a while to prepare songs that will be used on CDJ-2000NXS2. 

My question is if it's an easy way to to reorder the Hot Cue bank. For example, let's say that you have all the banks set with Hot Cue points, but you want to reorder moving bank D to B and B to D.

Currently to do that (having one empty slot), I have to:

  1. B to empty slot
  2. Delete B.
  3. Move D to B
  4. Delete D
  5. Move the slot used to store temporally B into D

I found this process very tedious and I couldn't find if some reorder functionality already exists, if so, please let know how to do it, you will make me super happy :)


Thank you in advance.

Ricardo Suárez Martínez

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