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Help with Pioneer DJ - Beatport Link

Hey Guys, 

Just need a bit of help here as I started tinkering last night. 

So I have a Mac Mini running RekordBox beta with Pioneer DJ 30 day trial and a subscription to BeatPort Link. I have a XONE DB4 and 3 CDJ2000 Nexus.

That side of things seems to be working and I can use the CDJs as Controllers via USB. 

What i'm struggling with is getting Pioneer DJ to route audio properly via the CDJS and playlists etc to work in the "normal" way.

Whats the best way to get the DB4 to be my mixer "externally" and just have the audio routing via the CDJs per channel as they would be normally. 

I've got them wired by USB to the Mac Mini, I've also installed the XONE DB4 drivers on the mini and can select is as the master audio out but have no sound or anything happening on the mixer when i do this. 

Kinda baffled tbh as this is all new to me. 

Basically i want out how i have Rekordbox on the mac mini where i can click rekordbox and access my local playlists and just mix.

Obviously using link you gotta use pioneer dj to do this so need a bit of guidance. 




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Hey i use this setup but with the Xone 96 mixer.

To get it to work rekordbox is setup to use the Xone mixer as audio out (USB connected to laptop).

Then use the LINK button on CDJ to select decks in rekordbox.

Then select the beatport playlist in Rekordbox and the tracks will show up in browse on CDJ.


Hope this helps.


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