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Keys not showing up for tracks in Beatport Link playlists

I got the Beatport Link connectivity working and figured out how to get tracks into a playlist (why can't they just use carts instead? <sigh>), but none of the tracks I'm linking to show the Key in the track metadata. It's blank, even after importing to my collection.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?


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I'm in the same boat and keep thinking I'm overlooking something obvious. It seems like a major thing to leave out.

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I figured it out 

So dumb it is the way it is but hey it works perfect 


Just create in a mirrored playlist of the beatport link with in rekordbox

Main folder Beatport Link with subfolders named by genere just like beatport has theirs set up.

140/deep dubstep/grime

Afro house 

Bass house (so on and so forth) 


Then go to the actual Beatport link (that your logged into) and select the playlist your want totally analyzed (WITH THE KEY)

In rekordbox under the playlist you want TOTALLY analyzed select all tracks and add to the respective playlist you created in rekordbox. 

It will automatically send it to your library under the playlist you created named whatever genre you were in. 

Boom it does its job. Your analyzing 1000 tracks at a time so keep that in mind it will take time, but do it once and your'e done.  

if this is confusing just find me on FB @Casey Cain i have a green shirt on. 

I have a vid i can send you. 


typing makes it sound hard its not!! 

it works perfect 


*Hope this helps Pioneer**  This fix gave me the push to not get the denon's and upgrade CDj's as streaming was a big deal for me. the No Key this was a deal breaker but not now.  

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