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RekordBox - Export individual playlists to the same location in structure tree as where they're located in collection

Hey all

I have a suggestion that I find everything but irrelevant:

Exporting individual playlists from collection to USB media works in a way that it doesn't keep the folder/structure, meaning it just exports playlist to the root of the USB device. Exporting whole folder does the same, except that it keeps the folder structure for all subfolders and subplaylists.

The issue/unnecessary work comes from the fact that collection should be kept independent on the exported sticks.
For my example, I keep my collection in a way that I have playlists nicely structured based on genre. Another structure comes based on venue type. Another one comes based on length of the sets....

What I do is export each of these on separate usb sticks. Sometimes I add a playlist there, but I don't want the whole "Genres" main folder to be exported to the key but rather just a specific one. Exporting it puts it in root folder and needs to be moved manually after the export. This is rather inconvenient.

I know playlists can be exported by drag'n'drop as well, but while it is again a bit of silly to need to locate the exact subfolder to where I want to put it, the Ctrl key does not work to select multiple playlists, resulting in needing to do manually for few of them if I dont want a whole subfolder.

I think that having an option (or setting) to always keep exact playlist folder structure when exporting any folder or playlist, would be highly appreciated by many other users as well.

Of course I'd be happy to hear others opinions first too, as I might be just wrong, who knows... .Million people, million tastes. :)


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@pedroestrela Except that this has absolutely nothing to do with my post.
I know that OS folder structure in Collection has been requested for a long time now and that they're not really listening to that idea at all.

However my post is talking about Folder-Playlist structure INSIDE the Rekordbox itself. Playlists have option to be contained in "Playlist folders" (aka add new folder inside playlists tab itself).

What I requested as a feature was that when I export a playlist that's inside Folder A -> Folder B -> Folder C -> PlaylistName
It should be located on an exported drive in the same directory tree, and not on a Root of playlists.

The only way to do that now is to export playlists manually one by one, (or whole folder if that's what's needed), and then manually recreate playlist's folder structure on the usb drive, and then move those playlists inside those directories to replicate what's in the RekordBox playlists.

It only keeps the folder structure bellow the folder you're exporting. So if I export Folder B, I will have on usb stick: root -> Folder B -> Folder C -> Playlists
I want to keep Folder A as well, but don't want to export whole Folder A!

This seems rather logical to be honest, since there's no other way to export than this.

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@mawyju > If you store your collection of music on the external drive that you use as your export device as well, you can keep whatever structure you want for your files, and browse them that way in the folder view on the device. It also greatly speeds up export times because no exporting actually has to take place - the music is already on the device.

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@pulse > Once again, this is not at all what I'm talking about, and I've tried to explain that in my comment.

I'm not talking about the folder structure and files location on a file system, I'm talking about Playlist's Folder's structure inside RekordBox and then their corresponding location once they're exported to the media -> again, as seen inside RekordBox under the Device tab.

We're able to create Folders inside the Playlists tab. Those folders can have extra folders etc.

Exporting non-root folder of playlists puts that selected folder/playlist to the root of the Playlist's main folder on the exported drive.

I shall put a few pictures here since apparently I haven't been able to make it clear enough in words.

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