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Mixer/Mic checkbox not showing in RB on DDJ/RZ

I have 1, even 2 Mic's connected to My DDJ RZ, but I only have <Mixer> and not <Mixer/Mic >in the global panel. I want to add an echo effect but now I am not able to do because the menu is not there.

It seems like the Mic's (shure sennheiser) both are not recognized, I have the latest Official 5.6 release and the latest drivers 1.2 and Firmware 1.1.

I tried all, in my oppinion whitout result.
the mic's both work fine, also the talkover, using the switch on the RZ.

Before this I had a DDJ SX, and I had the same issue. I always blamed it on the fact that an SX might not be a 100% compatible with all functions..
But now I think it might be something else.

I use RB with W10 Pro on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Some help would be apreciated greatly.


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