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rekordbox DECK-SPLITTING with DDJ- XP1


- Saving SampleDeck like Traktor Remix Deck (a long wait for this important feature)

- It is really very tedious to reload the SamplePads when a sample is already present in the slot. It is not possible to save a Sampler Bank for later use (like "Traktor Remix Deck"). To load a pad with a new sample, you need a mouse - and that's really very tedious. There is no function (or combination) to load a pad (shift + pad) and unload it in the same way (shift+sampler+pad).

There are 16 pads available per deck, which is really very useful, especially if you can create your own combinations with the PadEditor. Unfortunately these combinations are always limited to the corresponding deck and it is therefore not possible to use a CUE Point from Deck1 and a FX on DECK2 at the same time. The solution: >> PAD-SPLITTING
It must be possible with the editor to combine the pads DECK1+DECK3 and the pads of DECK2 + DECK4 by halving the 16 pads left and right to 8+8 each. Thus it is possible to operate DECK1 + DECK3 simultaneously with the XP1 and to freely edit the 8 pads per deck

Mark Rebell

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