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downgrade rekordbox 5.6.1 to public version 5.6.0

I have massive problems with the new beta4 version of rekordbox 5.6.1:

- Quantize Problems on Turntables and XDJ
- Pitch in Time problems Turntables (pitch track, but rekordbox deck frozen 1sec
- Beatport Link Search function absolutly did not work 

Is it possibel to downgrade to the 5.6.0 offical public versoin ore is there a speacial version for downgrade without lose the hole current setting?

Thx for your great support (and hope for more features in rekordbox)

Mark Rebell

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If you have not uninstalled the stable version you should still have it installed. You can have both installed. So just uninstall the beta version and use the stable. Or if you have uninstalled the stable just download and install it.

Norbert Pometko 0 votes
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^ What Norbert said.

If you simply installed the beta "over" the stable version, you can still use the 5.6.0 without any problems. 


If you only have the beta installed I'm fairly confident that simply installing the stable version over the beta will keep the settings.

RvNovae 0 votes
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