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Disappointed in the pioneer 'ecosystem'

A long long time ago I decided to go 'all-in' with pioneer and rekordbox. I bought the DDJ-1000 with rekordbox and the RB-DMX1 lightning controller. I'm a mobile DJ for weddings, corporate events, etc... As a total package I'm having serious doubts now. The development of the lightning software is soo painfully slow... reading answers like "Pioneer DJ is still working on this product, there are improvements coming in future updates"

And then suddenly Pioneer releases the DDJ-1000 SRT for Serato! Now you can get a far superior light show with for example soundswitch. It works with every major competitor, but not with rekordbox... And the RB-DMX1? Still no serious updates...

C'mon Pioneer! You have working DJ's in your team. How do you work around the limitations and shortcomings of your own ecosystem? You know them:
- No gobo's, lasers, derby's,... supported (Except the Gigbar, good enough for your living room)
- Lack of static scenes
- If you use it as advertised (just out of the box and press play) you get a very boring light show, you can see that can't you?

I tried to open up a discussion here on this forum to get a list of working FX lights but still not a single reaction. Did everybody give up, sold it?

Thomas Answered

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It's still under development, and updates are coming, so don't give up hope just yet!

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I plan to buy the RB-dmx1, but to justify the price when do you plan to make the update available for gobos / prisms / fx and the rest?

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