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I cannot record a set with the interface 2 or audacity can anyone help?

I've got Technics 1210s to pioneer djm 250 mixer to the interface 2...then to my laptop with windows 10 everything works fine accept I cant record my set..I've tried on rekordbox and audacity...on audacity I have error code come up

chris langston Answered

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Here's why...

The IF2 is designed to take the timecode signal from the turntables and throw it into rekordbox as input control, then output the audio signal for each channel to your mixer. The DJM-250, where the mix takes place, doesn't have an audio interface, so it's unable to send that mix into the computer for recording.

In short, you'll need another device to record the mix, either a stand-alone recorder or an audio interface to capture the recording back to the computer.

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