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Order of the video decks.

I am using 4 CDJ 2000 NXS and 1 DJM 2000 mixer to control Rekordbox DJ. I also use the video plug-in.

The arrangement of the CDJs is left to right with the mixer in the center (default arrangement: CDJ1 - CDJ 2 - DJM - CDJ 3 - CDJ 4).

Since video decks must be placed on decks 1 and 2, I have to configure CDJ 3 and 4 to control these decks. CDJS 1 and 4 control decks 3 and 4. I set the sound outputs of this mixer in the same order as the CDJs.

In this all ok.

The big problem is that in the vertical view of 4 decks, the order shown in RB is from deck 1 to deck 4 and so the waveform view is disorganized. Visually it appears that the first waveform is associated with CDJ 1, the second waveform is associated with CDJ 2, the third waveform is associated with CDJ 3 and the fourth waveform is associated with CDJ 4. But this is not the Real association.

I have already tested with a DDJ RX controller and the waveforms are correct (Decks 3 - 1 - 2 - 4). With the computer's internal sound card the order is also correct (Decks 3 - 1 - 2 - 4). With the DJM 2000 mixer, the viewing order is changed (Decks 1 - 2 - 3 - 4).
I tried to connect in sequential order (CDJ 1 - Deck 1, CDJ 2 - Deck 2, CDJ 3 - Deck 3, CDJ 4 - Deck 4) but the controls for video decks are only associated with decks 1 and 2. In this setting the video control is only on the left CDJs of the mixer. Getting this very uncomfortable for work.

With this I come to ask if there is a way to modify the numbers of the video decks?

In a future update will be made available control of four video decks?

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Video is always decks 1 & 2 and unfortunately can't be assigned to other decks, but you can reorganize the waveforms in the preferences:

Given the amount of processing power required to handle 2 decks of video, there are no plans for 4 decks in the immediate future.

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I made the change and ok.

But RekordBox has come up with a big problem:

- After changing the waveform display I plug in the 4 CDJs and play 4 songs and rekordbox crashes and automatically restarts the computer.

- even after restarting the computer rekordbox continued with the problem.

- I returned to the automatic format of the waveform visualization and did not resolve.

- Rekordbox now does not support connecting any of the CDJS, automatically freezes and restarts the computer.

- when I try to close rekordbox the problem also occurs: the computer restarts.

- I can only close RekordBox without restarting the computer through the macOS FORCE CLOSING tool.


What will this problem be? Reinstalling RekordBox might solve the problem?


My settings:

- RekordBox DJ 5.6.0

- macOS Mojave

- MacMini i7 2.36Hz

- 10GB 1600 MHz DDR3

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I am also unable to back up the database because the problem also happens when backing up.

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The only solution found was to reinstall the operating system on macmini.

Perhaps a coincidence but the operating system has had problems after changing the view in rekordbox. MacOs restarted at random. I tried every possible test but the solution found was reinstallation.

As I was unable to back up the database I kept the name and folder structure of the hard drive and made a copy of the database (database.edb) and Artwork and USBANLZ folders from my user's library/Pionner/rekordbox folder.

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