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Audio clipping with DJM 900 or CDJ as audio interface for Rekodbox


Yesterday I played in a club using the CDJ-2000 as my audio interface for rekorbox, But the audio was clipping or sounding distorted. I noticed in the level meters inside reckordbox that they where hitting the red level despite that the levels in the mixer were around 3dB - 6dB LED.

I decided to change to the DJM-900 as my audio interface but the problem was the same, the levels inside rekorbox where touching the red while in the mixer the displayed levels where around 3dB - 6dB.

I tried reducing the "gain" nob inside reckorbox (Top right corner) but that did not have any affect. 

Is there a way that I can control this levels?
Please see the images attached with levels and setup selected.

DVent DJ

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If you choose to continue doing external mixing with software, lower the channel trims in Rekordbox for each PFL channel and turn off autogain. If Rekordbox has outputs attenuation that affects the individual channels when using external mixing, then turn that on instead. Your adjustment of the knob in the upper right I suspect only affects the master out when using internal mixer mode.

Alternatively, if the DJM-900 has the ability to do all proper MIDI stuff and receive a master & a headphone signal separately and directly to those mixer sections while all the mixing occurs in Rekordbox, then that will allow the on-screen information to be adjusted by the DJM-900. That would also mean the on screen master knob will be valid, though probably mapped to the mixer's. In such a situation, also turn off autogain and be conservative with levels. DJ software tends to be clunky with headroom.

FWIW, in most situations outside of extreme use stuff like crazy pitch % with keylock on where Elastique is advantageous, the players in standalone mode using either CDs, USB drives, or Link track offloading from old Rekordbox will give you better sound than Traktor.

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