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Rekordbox Song Request

Hello, i have a lot of weddings and we use rekordbox, everybody gets the song requests is it possible to add a feature Song requests?
like for example virtual dj has ask.the.dj/djname people can write their song request and it automaticaly appears at a song request playlist in the programm. even the song thats asked appears so the dj can click and play it.


Evert Hendriksen Answered

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You can use the tag list for that -- as they request a song, you can search for it, then either use a keyboard shortcut, controller button, or drag-and-drop the song into the tag list to add it to a temporary playlist.

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I second that Feature Suggestion, but let me stress the main subject here:
it's not about having a temporariy "playlist", it's about a Cloud based
song request solution. Let me sketch the VirtualDJ solution:
The DJ propagates a URL, leading to an absolutely simple webform. Guests can use their SmartPhone to submit a song request, buffered in a Cloud backend. The VirtualDJ software (running on DJ's local device) polls frequently Cloud backend and transfers song requests to a temporary (let's call it) playlist. The DJ may then proceed as desired.
While this is most likely not relevant for Club DJs, the advantage for wedding/party/event DJs is obvious:
the DJ does not need to waste time by talking to (sometimes rude, sometimes drunken) guests, keep focused on playing music.
Sorry for being extensive.

Pete Dans 1 vote
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I third this feature, Virtual DJ has a great setup for this and I wish I coul have it in Rekordbox as well for my weddings. Essientally Virtual DJ has it where you can text in or go to the website to submit a song request and it goes right into a list on the software.

Kyle Janulis 0 votes
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