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Phrase editing

Hello Rekordbox team,

why isn't it possible to edit the phrase names? My songs using very different names, which aren't available in other songs.

In some songs you have "Up" and "Down" which are missing in another one completely but you have "Verse 1, Verse 2, ... , Verse 4", which are unusable for most of the tracks.

Can you give me some feedback, if this option is planned in the near future?

Marco Bolz

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Hi Marco,


It is possible to edit the phrase names.

First click on Display BPM/Grid to get the display below. 

Click on a phrase you want adjusted, between Cut and Clear a dropdown menu will apear. You can adjust the phrase here. 

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Ok got that! Thanks.


But is there no way to rename the phrases?

Because when I analyze a song, it gives me phrases like "Intro, Verse 1-5, Chours, Bridge, Outro" and if I do the same on another song, the result is something like "Intro, Up, Down, Bridge, Main".

This is a bit confusing, beacuse I'd like to arrange my songs by naming the phrases the way I prefer.

Is there no feature planned in the near future to do this?

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