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Rekordbox with DDJ-800 audio recording problem

Hi Guys,

I've just moved from simple DDJ-400 to DDJ-800 and I'm facing audio quality problem whenever I try to record something via Rekordbox.

Every audio file I try to record is of very poor sound quality (audio is very muted, the low tones are of excessive levels) and I've tried already many different EQ and Rekorbox settings. Usually, all my EQ knobs are at "12" positions and I've correctly adjust the signal using trim/volume knobs.

When I try adding more signal using volume/trim knobs, the audio doesn't get better: the only change in its quality is in "more volume" parameter, however the signal gets easily on far yellow/red lights on EQ meter. 

It's the same even if I change "Headroom" parameter in Rekordbox settings (usually, I use -3db/-6db headroom). There's nothing I can do to "repair" those audio file in Audacity (and I believe it shouldn't be done that way, since there was no similiar issues on my former, cheaper controller).

After DDJ-800 driver installation, I've updated the firmware. I use Rekordbox 5.6.0 and the newest, updated DDJ-800 driver (1.01).

Is this a know issue and how to solve this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Jakub Gorwa

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Note that the MASTER level control has no operation over the volume level of the recording as that allows you to have a recording at nominal levels even when the master output volume is lower.

I'm really curious as to what you might have set to not get a clean recording... I'm able to get exactly what I expect with what is basically the default settings:


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listen im still has same issue .... 

i really dont know how to solve the issue ... to be honest im super upset .

it can be that pioneer cannot solve me this issue,

i do belive i recived a difective product !!!!

i am trully will be happy if you guys will change it for me .

the AUX out isnt working so cant record from that as wll !!!

super lost and frustrated

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