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Managing rekordbox collections/playlist through Linux software

Hello all,

(this is not a topic about rekordbox on linux ;) )

I use rekordbox for some parties a couple of times yearly. i used to have a macbook, so i was managing my playlists through rekordbox but as well with itunes, using the ability of rekordbox to read itunes playlist.

I'm now switching to a linux laptop. So i'm dualbooting Linux Mint, keeping Windows almost only for rekordbox.

Do you know a way to listen and create playlist with linux (via rhythmbox for example), which can be imported automatically when i open rekordbox in windows ?

I have a shared partition Ubuntu/w10 with my music.

Some possibility i imagine but none looks awesome (i call "software" the soft in Linux for example rhythmbox maybe ?)

  • Rekordbox can import .xml libray of itunes, so a software which use the same format can produce an .xml, and i indicate this xml to rekordbox as an tunes xml. Problem : i can't read the rekordbox playlist in the software (but i can stop creating playlist in rekordbox and use only the software)

  • OR i find a way than the software produce m3U playlist in a folder, and that rekordbox can sync this playlists (nota : its possible in rekordbox to export playlist in .M3UA format )

  • OR maybe something using the XML playlist features https://rekordbox.com/fr/support/developer.php


thanks !

Raphaël Fosse

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Hi Raphaël,

We're working on something to do exactly this.

We're aiming to sync tracks, playlists, cue points, beatgrids and meta/id3 data, across win/mac/linux/ios/android from rekordbox, serato, traktor, virtualdj and others.

Most of the beta testers we have signed up are mac/win so we'd love to have some more Linux users to give feedback.  You'll also get a year free on our Pro package.





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