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Managing rekordbox collections/playlist through Linux software

Hello all,

(this is not a topic about rekordbox on linux ;) )

I use rekordbox for some parties a couple of times yearly. i used to have a macbook, so i was managing my playlists through rekordbox but as well with itunes, using the ability of rekordbox to read itunes playlist.

I'm now switching to a linux laptop. So i'm dualbooting Linux Mint, keeping Windows almost only for rekordbox.

Do you know a way to listen and create playlist with linux (via rhythmbox for example), which can be imported automatically when i open rekordbox in windows ?

I have a shared partition Ubuntu/w10 with my music.

Some possibility i imagine but none looks awesome (i call "software" the soft in Linux for example rhythmbox maybe ?)

  • Rekordbox can import .xml libray of itunes, so a software which use the same format can produce an .xml, and i indicate this xml to rekordbox as an tunes xml. Problem : i can't read the rekordbox playlist in the software (but i can stop creating playlist in rekordbox and use only the software)

  • OR i find a way than the software produce m3U playlist in a folder, and that rekordbox can sync this playlists (nota : its possible in rekordbox to export playlist in .M3UA format )

  • OR maybe something using the XML playlist features https://rekordbox.com/fr/support/developer.php


thanks !

Raphaël Fosse

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Hi Raphaël,

We're working on something to do exactly this.

We're aiming to sync tracks, playlists, cue points, beatgrids and meta/id3 data, across win/mac/linux/ios/android from rekordbox, serato, traktor, virtualdj and others.

Most of the beta testers we have signed up are mac/win so we'd love to have some more Linux users to give feedback.  You'll also get a year free on our Pro package.





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It all comes down to this Pioneer. In order to use that garbage you call software with a half descent system that will be ANY Distro out there, that outshines Win/AppleOS in a glimpse, people have to jump through hoops in order to use your already monopolized hardware. That is not the bad part of it, is YOU PIONEER answering like shet when people kindly asks and shares their ideas. Many have politely offered help like a gentleman based on the knowledge and experience he has, pretty sure with one hand while watching the news could write a Linux version in no time. Lack of regards towards many of your already customers own a piece of your pathetic hardware, labeling them like imprudent, with your rude answers. Hope someone could come with a product that matched your hogged market that seems there is a need to squeeze every single and last penny. People are just asking, is it too much to be polite while letting them know that, if there is no money involved, most certainly zero to less effort to support another segment, a huge, everyday growing part of YOUR customers. Very basic, in order to get waveform and create a playlist shit must run first through your already free software, don't see where that huge stick up your ass still stuck right there, show discomfort iwith such question that you Pioneer feel offended. Don't wish you or anyone anything ever. It's just sad that being using your products for over 22 years, while reading the way and so unprofessional tone to address your community makes me want to immediately barf. What a bad surprise & such a disappointment stumbling upon your approach towards this manner. Shame on you guys.

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