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Suggestions for improvement of the jog wheels

I find the display in the jog wheels like a great idea. But I think their potential is not used to the full force. I wrote already some proposals in other posts, here I wanted to would add new ideas + repeat previous.

1. Two wave forms in the jog

I often feel the need to see the waveform larger as on the screen, I would suggest doing it as in the tractor Pro 3


Where the bottom thin line we see the whole track, and just above, we can increase or decrease to your taste traveling wave form. In fact, we only need to see the entire shape of the track to understand the structure of the track. I think it will be sufficient to see this structure in a miniature version of a thin line.

If you consider this feature, I suggest making the wave increase and decrease using
Shift + jog in ddj 800/1000

2. Speed of the pitch

I often use beatsync and when track change the master on the deck, pitch only works if bring it up to speed, which is shown in the second value
I'd like to see that information right on jog.

3. Page number pads

When I use ddj 800/1000 hot cue functions, beatjump, key shift, I don't see the page where I can find and I always need to switch attention to monitor, it's just one digit somewhere in the corner please, it would be nice to see it in the jog

4. Ability to view playlists directly in the jog display

This offer is for ddj 800/1000, but with a small difference.
ddj 1000 have separate handles search of the track on each deck. If Dj starts to turn the knob, the display changes to a playlist, where he can immediately select a track.

also to see the key and the speed of the track, I think many DJs would be appreciated.

On the ddj 800 we can do it the other way, now when pressing two times shift shows a cover of the track. but I think this feature could be done to call the playlist. for example, if we press twice the shift on deck 2, the Central handle lookup is for the right deck, if we press twice on deck 1, search moving switches on the first deck, thus we can do it on ddj 800 too.

I would like to thank the developers, in recent months the program has received a lot of cool chips and it is clear that the team is trying to make the recordbox better and better.

Let's make the recordbox the best in the world!

Dj Almaz

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I agree, very good points indeed, especially your first point! For starters, an option to set the zoom level of the waveform would already be a huge improvement, but 2 waveforms above each other, 1 overall and 1 zoomed in, as how it's done in Traktor, would be much more useful! Another option to show/hide the playback position meter would be very nice as I don't like that it's in front of all the other information. Or perhaps it could be shown as a dot in an outer circle, or differently, but such that it goes around the information. The jog displays are a very nice feature, but it's by far not optimised yet to it's full potential.

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