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Weird: File on USB after export is different track (but with same title)

I just got a new PC (Windows) and installed the latest RB 5.6.1 on there.

The backup I made was used to get all my music back. After replacing the back-up without any problems I bought some new tracks. I opened and played it within RB an the track sounded great.

But before my show I exported all the music on a USB-stick (which had still RB tracks on there). I correctly took the USB out and placed it in the CDJ2000.
Now it comes: I have a track with the correct artist, trackname, bpm etc. But when playing, I do hear a completely different song!!!! 

It is exotic, but found 2 tracks that have the same problem: the music is not what belongs to the trackname. How could that happen???

DJ BramBo

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I checked the files of the USB in Windows Explorer and the new song (mp3 file) is not on there. I found the file of the music that was playing and I noticed that the add-date of the file was today. Which is weird, because this music had been placed on the USB while still used RB on my previous computer.

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