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XDJ RR Freezing Mid Set

Pulse, I’m having an issue with the RR not wanting to load a new track from usb after playing a few songs. I click on the track, select to load it on either deck one or two, then it just says “now loading”, but doesn’t load. It’s not any specific track. Also, when this happens, there’s a spinning wheel to signify loading in the browse menu. I can get a new track loaded unless I shut the entire controller down....which is not good obviously. I’ve had it happen with multiple flash drives and in each of the two USB ports. Please help....
Marc .

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Another note:

Once the XDJ freezes, if I eject the usb and try to put the same/a different usb back into the slot, it is unrecognizable. Once I reboot the xdj, everything works fine....any help would be appreciated

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