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rekordbox 5.7.0 has been released - Oct.1 2019

We have released the new rekordbox.

Please download it at rekordbox.com.

rekordbox ver. 5.7.0 release notes


- Compatible model added: DDJ-XP2.

- TRANSPORT category and ASSIGN feature in PAD EDITOR.

- Autocomplete feature for Genre/Artist/Album when editing track information in the track list.
-  [Video brightness changes along with the channel fader] is now an option and can be disabled in Preferences.
- Autocomplete feature for editing genre in the track information window.
- Added a function to remove TEXT and IMAGE lists in the video panel.


- Drag and drop became impossible while displaying the video window on a Mac.

- Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


About macOS Catalina 10.15 compatibility.

We are currently researching compatibility of macOS Catalina with rekordbox.

We will finish our initial research by the end of October 2019 and will post updates on our progress when we know more.

Please refrain from updating to macOS Catalina for the time being.

- iTunes will be discontinued in macOS Catalina.

This change will affect rekordbox users when using iTunes Library.

Further information will be released when the details become available.


Important notice for DDJ-1000 users.

We identified an issue causing audio to skip or drop out when Beat FX are applied to some channels such as Mic and Master.
Please update the DDJ-1000 firmware to ver.1.05 or later and rekordbox to ver.5.3.0 or later.


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