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rekordbox ios + usb thumb drive export


Exciting news on the iOS front! It seems that the new operating system allows apps to access content on USB drives – and the Djay app is already hip to the idea of using this feature for extending device storage, etc: https://9to5mac.com/2019/09/25/djay-ipad-external-drive-support-files-app/

This leads me to wonder if the Rekordbox iOS app could take on the desktop feature of exporting tracks+playlists+cue info to a USB on the fly. Been getting a kick out of the potential for making playlists on the go then writing them to a USB stick like this one, then plugging it in to my CDJs like normal w the other end of the USB A: https://www.leefco.com/products/ibridge-3?variant=43984093776 

Is this being considered?

Many thanks

Spencer Cappiello

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