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Best way to move a collection that has songs posted in multiple locations

I have a rekordbox database and collection of tracks that I want to backup, however, the songs are scattered all over my laptop. Some are on the C: drive, some on the E: drive, some in the Music folder, which I assume is on the C: drive. I know, I'm terribly unorganized. Is there any way for me to easily create a back up to an external HDD, without having to relocate all the songs within rekordbox manually, because that's going to take a ridiculous length of time. I've already lost my database twice in the past, and if I had to start again, I'd probably just quit DJing altogether. I hope this post was easy to understand, and I'd very much appreciate any help anyone could offer me. I get the sense that my current laptop is on its last legs, so to speak, so I'm trying to preempt any disasters, and mitigate them as best as possible. Would it be possible, perhaps, to just move everything onto an HDD with folders saying what drive the songs were on originally, then recreate the same structure on any new laptop I buy in the future? Will the actual rekordbox database thing, with the cue points and loops be easy enough to migrate over if I recreate the same set up with the different tracks and whatnot? Thanks, Ryan
Ryan Reid

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