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Rekordbox doesn't recognize my Controller as an Input Device

So with the release of the new rekordbox version I finally made the decision to switch from VDJ to Rekordbox.


I'm using the Reloop Mixon 4 for a few years now and it always worked perfect with VDJ. Now with Rekordbox tho, I can't set the Mixon 4 as an input device in the audio settings, although I can set it as master output. If I play a song in rekordbox I can hear them through my speakers that are connected with the Mixon 4, but rekordbox doesn't take any inputs from my controller.


All drivers are up to date, Mixon 4 Firmware is up to date, rekordbox is up to date, can't find any advice elsewhere as anyone says, the Mixon 4 is basically plug & play with rekordbox. I even tried turning everything on/off, unplugging the USB cable etc :/


Settings Screenshots:


(input options just say "not connected 1" etc)



Anyone here that can help me? Would be a shame to go back to VDJ as I'm already using rekordbox for my playlists. Oh and yes, I bought the Base Plan Version of rekordbox and activated it :)

Andreas Wieland

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Are you using a USB hub? My DDJ 1000 and my DJM 250mkii won’t work with a hub.

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