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Rekordbox DJ 5.4.3 Hang / Crackling / Noise issue

Hello my name is Ankit , I Have a problem with my rekordbox DJ at every gig 4 to 5 times during 2 hours set. Rekordbox hangs midway while the song is going on and laggs . which is  happening quite often now and all the crowd listens to the messs. song hangs for 2, 3 seconds or more ....and also  during the set all of a sudden some songs make crackling noise for almost half of the song .which is very badddd tooo ...feels like speakers will burst. This is happening with mosty all the rekordbox compatible CDJs n XDJs . I Read a few posts about increasing buffer size . But is that really the solution for my problem?

Please help if its a buffer size issue or latency issue. and give me the solution.


My Laptop cofiguration is-

Lenovo model

WIndows 8.1 ( 64 bit OS )

Intel Core I3 processor 2.00GHz

8 GB RAM ( Where as rekordbox needs 4 GB RAM )

and rekordbox version is 5.4.3

Loud Raverz

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