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Create list of played songs for export / color change played songs

Is it possible to see a separate list or sort function of the played songs only, so that I can export these? Such list is necessary for the organisation tot pay author rights, but now I have to search the whole library for "green" (played) songs and drag them into a new playlist so I can export them.

Is it also possible to change the color of the played songs to another color, or change the color of loaded songs, because both colorfunctions are green, very confusing.


Michael Van Nuffel

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By exporting your history as .TXT you are able to achieve the same. A list of tracks played per set/Day. 


If you want to get a list of all the played track up till now there are only workaround methods. One is this one

Create a intelligent playlist. Choose DJ play count greater than and put a number like 1. It will collect all the songs you have played at once (in this example).

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