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XDJ-RX2 Link Export on Windows 10 - doesn't work!

I have an issue getting Link Export to work on the RX2. MIDI mode works fine.

Latest updates on all devices: 

Windows 10
Rekordbox 5.7.0
RX2 1.37

I've installed the Link Export ethernet driver.
Restarted Windows.
Disabled my firewall.
I plug the USB into the RX2.
Switch on the RX2.
Launch Rekordbox.
Rekordbox shows a 'Link' button, I hit this, and the button changes to blue 'Link 1'.
Hit 'Rekordbox' button on the RX2.
Nothing happens.

I've also enabled for this version in Bitdefender's firewall.

edb_streamd.exe - TCP
psvnfsd.exe - UDP
psvlinksysmgr.exe - TCP
rekordbox.exe - TCP

What have I done wrong? On my MacBook Air this works fine, it's just Windows devices where I have issues.

Yes, I've read this page. Yes I've tried it all. Also there's broken links for the Windows help in a few of the tips. https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/articles/205021519


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Hello, can you check if an application called "AnyDesk" is running on your machine?


If it is, please quit it and try again.


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AH. I do use AnyDesk. I'll give that a go later this evening and shall report back soon.

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