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Updated to Mojave (using 5.4.3) 'App is not optimised'? DDj Rx & DDj 1000

Hi All,

DDj - RX (performance mode)

Macbook Pro 13, 2.6ghz mid-2014

I have just updated to Mojave from High Sierra and the following has just popped up  when starting rekordbox (5.4.3) - App is not optimised For your Mac and needs to be updated?

I have been very happy with version 5.4.3 and rely on Performance mode for my Dj business.

Do I need to update this version?

If so what versions are stable and people can recommend?

I have also just purchased a DDJ-1000 which i plan to have as my home based controller only. Can I run both the DDJ RX & 1000 on the name version of Rekordbox or should I upload seperate versions? (If so what versions are optimised for each controller).

Thanks in advance,

Dj Dan



Daniel Waugh Answered

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You'll still get that warning - it has to do with a 32bit (legacy) networking module. Our rekordbox team is working to update it for a future release.

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You can update to 5.6.

5.6.1 and 5.7 still have an XML issue. 

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