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Rekordbox 5.7.0 - Analyzing delete all Tags for Release Date

I already wrote something here about the error:


Now I have deleted Rekordbox 5.6.1 and installed the new version 5.7.0.
Now again I have the problem that after analyzing new tracks with the settings for (BPM, Key and Phrase) all tag fields are deleted with the entry of the release date. You can continue to see this information in the Recordbox info window, but the Tag for the Release Day itself is deleted. You can check it, for example with MP3 Tag Editor. If you update later entries with recordbox, then the Tag entries for the release date information will no longer be displayed in the Track Info Window

It is very annoying when they all have to lose this information and then have to re-enter it and have to search over databases with a lot of time and effort.

( Rekordbox 5.7.0 x64 / Window 7 x64 SP2 / 16GB RAM / Intel Core i5-3570K, 3,4 GHz)

W. K.

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