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Toraiz SP-16 sequencer workflow requests: Step cut/copy/paste and step-automating multiple steps simultaneously.

First thanks for continuing to support the SP-16. It's good to know Pioneer continues to stand behind this unit. That said, I would like to suggest two small workflow enhancements to the sequencer that I think would significantly enhance the user workflow.

1. Step cut/copy/paste: Currently, if the user wants a step to the same step-automation values as another step, the user is forced to edit each step independently and manually. I'm requesting the ability to cut, copy, and paste steps within a given track, and, where possible, between separate tracks.

2. Step-automate multiple steps simultaneously. Currently, the user can only step-automate one step at a time. I'm requesting the ability to step-automate parameters for more than one step at a time.

Hopefully these enhancements are small enough to merit consideration in a small update in the near future. I think they would greatly enhance what is already an awesome machine.

Mark Jones

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