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WAVE form missing on XDJ1000Mk2

Hi all

I am really new to this forum, so firstly, HELLO. I am a home user, so haven't had years of experience on different units.

I recently bought a pair or XDJ 1000 MK2's second hand, after running cdj350's at home for about 8 years. We tested everything before purchase and it all looked ok.

I then did the whole rekordbox analysis, export to USB, eject USB thing.... However, here is my problem:

When i browsed the folder structure (not per genre or artist or whatever), and i selected AN ANALYZED track, there was no more big wave form on the XDJ. Even selecting another track through the usual means still left me without a big waveform.

The problem now is that i cant reboot the XDJ either because the flash i'm linking is in there....

What are the recommendations please, or am i doing something wrong, or did i buy faulty units? Am I just  missing something?

*I am concerned the units are faulty since i cant replicate the issue.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Hein Schultz

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