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BPM is different between Info section & player


I noticed for several songs the incorrect bpm is showed when track is loaded in the player mode. It's also when I load the songs to a CDJ/XDJ player.

Below an example, in the info section you can see the correct BPM: 121,99 in the player mode it shows 126,00 BPM

This problem only occurs when loading the song in Rekordbox from the USB Device so not from the Rekordbox database.

I tried to delete the song and re-import it but without any success.

Notice: I don't synchronize my Rekordbox database from my computer to my USB. I import the song directly in the USB within Rekordbox.

Any idea how I can correct this ? 

I didn't synchronize my Rekordbox collection to my USB. The last time I did it messed up song by choosing another song's location... I was unable to solve this so I stopped synchronizing my rekordbox database.

Thank you





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