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Transferring Rekordbox from old PC laptop to new PC. Have access to old SSD but cannot boot to it. Struggling to transfer collection and maintain grid/cues/analyze data.

My old laptop unexpectedly died on me. I stay relatively organized with my file management on my old PC and had all rekordbox music files saved to a single folder.

I have my old Solid state hard drive plugged into my new laptop as a secondary drive. I can access all my old files from my old PC from my browser. How can i transfer my rekordbox collection to a new PC without having to redo my 1000+ songs of cues/hotcues/grid/anaylize data? If possible i would like to bring my playlists back the same way they were before. 

Is there a location all this information is saved to? maybe in program files? And is it possible to transfer them to my new laptop? 

Old PC ran windows 7, new PC runs windows 10. 

Thanks in advance!

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@Robert > Grab everything from this folder:


Move it all to the same location on your new computer, but if you have a different username on the new drive, you'll need to make some changes...

Right-click on the rekordbox3.settings file and select Open with... and select Notepad.

Next, use the Find to locate these lines:

<VALUE name="pioneerDirectory"
<VALUE name="masterDbDirectory"
<VALUE name="itunesLibraryFile"
<VALUE name="bridgeImportedLibraryFile"
<VALUE name="SamplerSaveDirectory"
<VALUE name="RecordSaveDirectory"

If they don't exist, that's fine - you should have the top two, at the very least.

In that line, it will have a val and the data for that will be the path to your OLD user's files; you need to update that. For example:

<VALUE name="pioneerDirectory" val="X:\Users\PulseOldComputer\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox"/>

would become

<VALUE name="pioneerDirectory" val="X:\Users\PulseNewComputer\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox"/>

That should be all you need to do, but if it doesn't work, let me know.

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