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DDJ SZ Master Output XLR Not working

I have a Pioneer DDJ SZ with no audio coming out of the Master XLR ports. The master RCA and booth 1/4 inch ports are working fine just no sound from the XLR ports. I have tested my XLR cables with another mixer and can confirm there is nothing wrong with them. Any idea as to what caused the issue? Does the audio board need to be replace?

Platti J Answered

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I'm not sure to be honest but if that's the case would that just burn out a fuse of some sorts, or is it possible that the portion of the audio board is burned that provides sound output to the master xlrs? Wouldn't the controller have some sort of safety if that was the case?

Also, does the controller provide sound output through both master outputs simultaneously? And does the XLR output has to be connected to a powered speakers or can it be connected to an amp in order to output sound? The reason I'm asking is because the cable that I use are XLR to RCA. I used them for my 900 Nexus mixer and they output sound fine.

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