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its time for revolation !!!!

Hi there I had many question from pioneerdj about rekordbox and all ends with why (?) 1 About smart playlist ( related tracks ) Its powrfull filter about music thanks about but its so useless !!! Wanna know why? Because when we started playing we play in same genre for periode time ( example progressive house ) I think many of us before import their musics into rekordbox they created own folders in their PCs by their own ( genre , energy , ...) when we needed to sort smarter then one filter we have in blank page of our list we have to get into the related tracks and the problem is exactly this " we have to go into related tracks " when we go there because we need more than one filter (key , bpm , genre ,... ) and want to put 2 or higher filter on it then we go related tracks showes us by any filter we was created but tracks choosed from collection :| or play list :| then we see other genres or other songs we dont want to see it I think its better to get related track smartet and faster like give this feature to sort by 2 or more filters on same blank page we in there to choose music just like serato u can sort by bpm in normal page in one folder then if u want u can hold cntrl + click on other filter ( ex key ) then musics in that folder now show to u by bpm and key filter fast as can and smart if u want more then 2 y can creat smart crate !!!! Is int good ? 2 Zoom out and count bar First about count bar its good in rekordbox but dont u think it can goes better ? Like serato top of 4 beat counted bars from start And zoom out We can just see 5 or 6 bars in zoom out realy think its zoom out ? Its better to get much outer ( like can showes 64beat ) It so helpfull for use to get exact beat counting and playing and mixing in many genres ( most in techno , progressive , ... ) 3 Link Its so funny rekordbox doesnt have link ... :) I hope to see this features soon because its get so depresed to me and sometimes make to sell my gear and buy a serato gear ... dj gears are not cheap in our country ..
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