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Sound Issues when connecting PLX-500-K to my XDJ-RX2

Hey Guys, I just recently bought the PLX-500-K turntable since I wanted to get into Vynil as well, Yesterday I tried to connect it to my XDJ-RX2 at home using the phono input. When I played the music I got a huge amount of static and you could not really make out the original song which sucks.. As soon as i plugged the PLX-500-K back into the loudspeakers the sound was perfect again. 

Has anyone else faced this issue before or has any idea how to resolve this issue? any help will be very much welcome. 


Moritz Härri Answered

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The PLX-500 has the ability to output a line signal or a phono signal, depending on the position of the switch on the back, and the gear you're connecting it to. If you have the switch set to line but connect it to a phono input on the XDJ-RX2, you'll certainly be sending too much signal, causing it to sound distorted and staticky. Please check this first.

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