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SQUID: Seqencing


I want only to seqence a full melody with the use of one synthesizer:


- i created some patterns with the pattern lenght of 64 note triggers (4 bars)

- the notes of one pattern have to be played from beginng to end

- after the playing of a pattern i want let start automaticly playing another pattern


My problem:


I did't found a way to do this simple seqencing:


- i can't programm a sequence of patterns, only the notes of one pattern are played in the order i want

- when i try to do the pattern sequencing live, the next pattern i pressed is starting after the next bar, but i want that all notes are played, if the next pattern start to early it's not the sequencing i want. To wait for the last bar of the pattern and press then the next pattern is not what i expected from sequencing

Is there a way with the latest firmware to secence a full melody (programmed or live) ? 


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