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Sync and out of Sync Issues - Pioneer DJ XDJRX2

One of the main issues with this unit is that when I am trying to turn off the sync option. For example, if I am changing genres and the tempo changes. Maybe the previous tracks I was synced in the 128 bpm range but now the next track I am putting on is in the 100 BPM range. It will not let me unless I move the pitch controller up and down until it some how comes out of sync and that it horrible. If I am DJ’ing a party, tempos change often and no one wants to hear a track that should be in a 100 BPM range sounds like a chipmunk and vise versa. I need to know if there is  way of turning off the sync option when changing tempos. And hitting the sync button does not work so there needs to be another way.

George Figueroa

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