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Squid - Midi Out per step


Just wondering if squid is able to trigger a different midi out channel per step, so each note goes to a different midi out source? If so, are you able to control the probability of each trigger? 

Many thanks

Greg Hunter Answered

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Hi Greg, I understand what you're asking, we can get very close...

The closest approximation to what you want to do pushes the Squid to the limit (but that's the fun of hardware!). 

First, make your Tracks transmit onto different MIDI channels, e.g. Track 1 transmits on MIDI Channel 1, Track 2 transmits on MIDI Channel 2, etc


Make a cool 16-step musical pattern, and copy it to ALL 16 of Squid's Tracks, and then, by using the [ACTIVE] button and turning steps on and off, you can de-activate all steps BUT ONE, on each track, with the Track's only active step corresponding exactly to the track number.  So Track 1 would have only Step 1 active, Track 2 would only have Step 2 active.

In this way, each step of your sequence would be occurring on a different Track...and therefore transmitted on a different MIDI channel! ; )  Now I kind of want to try this.

And, Happy Holidays, you can ALSO set the probability of each step, because EACH Track is actually playing its own unique pattern, and that pattern can have it's own probability setting. Have fun!



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changing Midi channel per step isn´t possible and probability unfortunately is only available on a per track basis.

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