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Feature request : Integrated Keyboard

This could be one feature that no other DJ software currently has.

It is the capability of having a Keyboard integrated unlike the one currently available in the pad mode.

This is to have a standard piano keyboard layout, possibly one or two octaves ( 13/ 25 keys ) in length . It should be possible to select the keys and assign any sample to every key.This could be a complete piano octave or even any random  samples  assigned to the keyboard keys. Also add support for  + or -  transpose buttons to  increase or decrease pitch.

Now , coming to triggering the samples in this keyboard can be done in many ways . 

1. Could use the computer QWERTY keyboard ( such as used in DAW's like Ableton ) 

2. Can use a standard midi keyboard . This will be the best use case  as people can play single shots or loops assigned to keys and also play multiple notes like chords using one hand. This is so complex if we use the keyboard mode using pads

3. Use the pads of DJ controller and assign the pads to the keys in the keyboard ( via midi mapping )

Hope am clear with the description of this keyboard feature . Will be happy to elaborate further if its not clear  enough . This will be really amazing to have  a standard keyboard that can be played integrated into rekordbox  especially since we have all other technology required working inside such as Midi . 



zach ninan

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